What is “the best customer experience” for your company?

Customer experience is an important and manageable corporate business output.

Customer experience is the whole of the impact you create on your customers, from what your brand promises to the chat service on your website, from what your commercials add tell to what is communicated in your call center.
This effect is a manageable corporate business output with a high financial impact that will enable your company to grow.

The best experience is not always the highest NPS score, the highest NPS score is not always the most successful business result for your company

What may be an ideal experience for an organization may be an inefficiency that bring dissatisfaction for another. Offering a higher NPS score or an experience beyond brand promise doesn’t always mean a better business decision for your company.

Customer experience management is not just for B2C companies. B2B companies can make a big difference with small improvements.

If you start with the right steps, you can turn into an organization that produces value for your customers and more income for your stakeholders. For this, whether you are a B2B or digital start-up, it is very important to know where to start and what to do.

Hi, I’m Gökhan Kaya,

If investing in customer experience in the most efficient way or quickly increasing the return on your current investments is among your corporate priorities we can work together.

As one of the few experts in Turkey holding the world’s most important international customer experience management certificate (CCXP ), I would be delighted to create and implement the roadmap that best suits your institution’s maturity level and business priorities in terms of customer experience.

We can design these projects in different contexts, from a training that will change the perspective of your teams, to a transformation plan that will allow you to manage the customer experience as a business output that complements your brand and corporate strategy.

In consultancy and training projects, my priority is to provide outputs that consider the preferences of your industry and your institution, that will trigger corporate action, and that you can put into practice.

I’m a customer experience expert but I spent a significant part of my 20 years of professional experience as part of corporate strategy and management teams in the telecommunication, automotive, and banking sectors.

This experience and perspective enable me to contribute to you in transforming your project outputs into action by considering the stakeholders in your organization and providing the continuous support of internal decision-makers.

While I guarantee that you will work directly with me in all the projects I carry out, depending on the scope, I work with the solution partner experts (digital transformation, customer journey studies, customer experience research, etc.) and technology service providers (VOC platforms, CRM applications, etc.) I get you to work with people under my management.

With this approach, unlike standard consultancy projects, the work we will carry out does not only focus on a presentation, but in case of need, our cooperation can continue until the actions are taken and then the teams that will continue the corporate processes are formed, trained and operationalized.

How can I help you

Customer experience aligned with your business model

We determine the most suitable corporate customer experience model for your brand and company, create your roadmap that will be the basis of the next steps with a customer experience vision, and after a detailed analysis of the current customer experience structure and outputs, we provide you a roadmap to align your brand promise and customer experience.

Multichannel experience analysis

We analyze the impact of your customer touch points (call center, digital channels, social media, physical channels) on the experience in terms of financial efficiency, omni-channel experience, and create a roadmap with practical action suggestions. We transform your customer service organization into a structure that is compatible with the intended experience, strengthens the value proposition, and creates a highly efficient, financial and customer value.

Digital experience, customer success

A customer experience structure focused on digital channels to complement existing experience; transformation of reactive customer service teams into proactive customer success function that creates customer value.

B2B customer experience design

We turn the customer experience into a corporate management tool that can be monitoıred, developed, and improved with an approach designed for companies providing B2B services

Voice of the customer (VOC) and experience insight systems

Data collection setup of customer researches to measure the real experience of your customers, preparation of survey question flow, determination of KPIs to be followed; establishing a structure that triggers corporate action with a closed loop system by listening to customer voice (VOC).

Customer journey maps

Determining the processes that will map the customer journey, conducting research with business partners that will show the experience from the perspective of the customer, coordinating the design workshops, managing the processes by integrating financial data and corporate KPIs into the maps, turning the experience maps into a managerial tool that lives with the institution.

Customer experience corporate governance

Establishing the structure that will manage the customer experience in your organization, creating the corporate processes, basic training and making the new team operational, re-establishing the company KPI processes and metrics based on the customer, creating the organizational transformation plan and actions that will ensure that the employee experience supports the holistic customer experience

Corporate customer experience training and conferences

In-house customer experience basic training, corporate-specific training programs to train and develop customer experience teams, C-Level 1-1 customer-oriented organization management consultancy, customer-oriented organization training, and keynote speeches

If customers in your industry buy your product or service only once and make their decisions in an isolated bell jar, you really don’t need to worry about customer experience.

If even one of these two conditions is not met, we need to roll up our sleeves as soon as possible to turn the customer experience into a corporate management tool.

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